Midgard – by the grave mounds, in the park of Borre, where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings lived, feasted, and was laid to rest, we invite you to four days of metal, folk – and viking music, seminars and museum, Viking village and markets, and battles on historic grounds! Camp by the beaches and the bonfires - Welcome to the world of the Vikings and exceptional concerts in unique and historical surroundings!

Borre is located by the Oslo fjord, between the cities Horten and Tønsberg. Borre was the headquarter for power and cultures in the Iron and Viking ages. There are several burial mounds at the majestic Borreparken, and you can sense the presence of our ancient Viking history in the area. The festival area itself is located around the Gildehallen and Midgard Viking Center. People of all ages are welcome to the festival. The age limit at the camp site is 18, and 20 at the liquor bar area.

Midgardsblot takes place in Midgard, a place for all human beings, no matter what nationality, cultural background, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation
Our festival and our community are neutral grounds where we welcome you all to meet, to bond and to build friendship across all borders. A place where we celebrate all our different roots and our diversity so we all can share wisdom, learn from each other and learn to accept our differences.
To do so we have a zero tolerance on politics and harassments of any kind so you must all leave that at our Gates before entering.

Welcome home 🔥🖤🤘
- Runa Luna -
Founder and Festival director