Friday and Saturday from 12:00 – 20:00

At the plains of Gildehallen, the true Vikings of Borre Vikinglag will set up a Vikingvillage. In the vikingvillage we bring you 1200 years back in time and you'll get a taste of how life was in the Park of Borre when our forefathers lived here. Here you will experience daily life and crafts, forging of tools and how the vikings used them, wooden handicrafts and naalebinding. There will also be plant dyeing of yarn and cooking of historical food.
No Viking village without merchants so here you can also get your Viking bling and souvenirs. The Vikings of Borre are looking forward to your visit!

Borre vikinglag is a living history society that promotes Viking era history, and handcrafts from the Viking period in northern Scandinavia. Borre vikinglag wore founded in 1994, due to the thousand year anniversary of Christianity in Viken, which was arranged by Vestfold County. We are one of the oldest Viking societies in Norway and every second year we arrange the second biggest Viking market in Scandinavia, Borre Kaupangen, which takes place at Prestegårdstranda in Borre. At Borre Kaupangen there are 750 Vikings from all over the world, which gathers to create a Viking trading Kaupang, and spread knowledge of daily life and crafts from the period. During winter, we arrange handcraft meetings and educational seminars, to immerse ourselves in courses for research dissemination and self-development.
Come, see and talk with us and learn about the history in the Viking Age!

Photos by Per Ole Hagen