Songleikr is a project based on many years of mingling with traditional, Nordic folk music in the Viking environment all over Europe. The name consists of two words from old Norse; Songr means song or singing, leikr means game, sport or contest. Thus in our interpretation, Songleikr means jam session.

You can find the Songleikr Jamcamp situated at different Viking markets across Europe. The principle is easy: Its a playground for musicians to jam and exchange music, across borders but with roots in traditions. Its also for the audience, to be invited into the magic of musicians that meet on unpretentious terms, without the barrier of the stage between the listener and the player. If you haven't tried to sit around the fire listening to ancient tones, this is the place to be hanging out. We welcome all to try out some instruments or bring your own and jam with us - see you at the Songleikr camp in the Viking village!


The local viking group Eldrim will have their tents together with Songleikr and invite you to jam with them. ELDRIM makes music the way it could have sounded in the viking age, and they handmade their own instruments. Rooted around the Borre grave mounds they're inspired by the darker side of life in the viking age but also plays medieval- and traditional folk songs with a lighter and more upbeat feeling.