Open Friday and Saturday from 11:00 - 16:00

Archery was an important skill for Vikings to master, both for hunting and for warfare. Vikings would start their weapons training at a young age, and at Midgardsblot both children and adults can try their hands on this art, instructed by our Viking archers.
More a sport than a skill of war, axe throwing is a difficult endeavor. Finding the right throwing technique and force is a great challenge - which makes it that much more exhilarating when you hit! Our instructors show you how to throw; the rest is up to you!
Duel of balance
In any martial art - as well as dancing - balance is pivotal. Getting your opponent off-balance is a sure way to win in combat. Try your balance at our playground at Midgardsblot, and challenge your friends to a contest!
Our archaeological site contains such treasures as teeth, ceramics, flint, needles... and who knows what else? Under the guidance of a professional archaeologist, you have the opportunity to dig through ancient soil, and make real archaeological finds!