-with Jonas Berlin

Lekegoden and the Troll invite you to fight and play as true vikings. Games and sports was an integrated part of the life of the Vikings and it is the cause of their physique and mastery over the body. Try your skills in strength games, rope games, agility games, throwing games, skin/leather games and wrestling. We hand out medals in form of bruises! Meet Norway’s strongest Viking woman: Kikki Berli Johnsen- and compete in strenghts with this shield maiden!

Viking reenactors are known for being good in crafts, they are handy, prone to smiling when fighting and being strong. One of the strongest Viking reenactors, is Kikki Berli-Johnsen. The red haired shield maiden has been crowned Norway’s Strongest Woman three times. She has competed on an international level for several years. During Midgardsblot Kikki, comes to play at the viking playground and in the viking camp together with Lekegoden and his Troll. Would you dare to toss a caber with, or pull a rope against the mighty Viking woman of 189 cm and 112 kg?