Opening ceremony and Viking Blot in the Gildehall

- Folket bortafor nordavinden!

Like last year, our very own Folket Bortafor Nordavinden will do an opening Viking Blot ceremony of Midgardsblot on Thursday, the first day of the festival, to honour the old Norse Gods. We invite you all to participate and blot with us!

We, Folket bortafor nordavinden, are honoured to open the festival with a blot, an evening filled with chanting, drumming, dancing all in the honour of the old gods.

There is no way we can do an authentic blot as they did in the time of the vikings. The sad fact is that we do not know how enough of they did it. What we can do is to reconstruct what we can from written sources and archeology. What we will do in addition to bring inspiration from other similar cultures and traditions, that are alive today. The vikings had no word for religion, instead they used the word "sidr", it's meaning close to tradition. The traditions varied from place to place and from Ætt (extended family) to Ætt. Most likely the most important was the practicality of the tradition, meaning that religious actions were more important than the philosophy and morality behind it. As long as you did the correct rituals, you could think and believe what you wanted. This is something we will emphasise in this blot. You need not believe in the old gods to participate, you need not even know their names. What you make of it is up to you.