- come and meet the Viking warriors!

The mighty warriors of Borrefylkingen have once again returned to the battlefield of Midgardsblot. Forged in the heat of battle, they know no fear, as Odin himself in Valhalla is watching every thrust with the spear and every cut of the sword.

Based in Borre, and with members from all over Vestfold, Borrefylkingen reenacts a military unit from the late Viking age. Outside of the battlefield, their members teach the public about life and equipment of a typical Viking age warrior. Although their weapons are blunt, the fighting is as real as it gets, and only the best warrior can hope to win eternal glory. As the real Vikings, the warriors of Borrefylkingen are normally spending their summers pillaging and plundering, and their travels have brought them victory in battles as far away as Ireland and Germany.

The warriors of Borre will set up camp in the Viking village and you are welcome to visit and try out some of their weapons and fighting gear.

Come, see and talk with us and learn about the history in the Viking Age!