Liða skaltu ok deyja!
-May you suffer and die!

The Vikingfilm Trace offers a glimpse of the genuine vikinglife!
Threats and battle cries reverberate and mingle with the clash of sword meeting sword, sword meeting shield and sword meeting body in the Viking battle scenes of Trace, one of few films to exclusively use genuine viking language.

TRACE is about Baldr, a viking explorer carrying knowledge from distant lands and lost empires. Gorm and his men fear the unknown, and seek to slay the wisdom-bearers. Now begins the fight for survival, and hope for a better future. The film concerns topics such as knowledge transfer, cultural heritage and the vulnerability these have in turbulent times.

Markus Dahlslett wrote, produced and directed the film and will present his film at Midgardsblot. He was committed to creating authenticity in the film and recreating the time period in a credible manner. This led him to having the characters speak Old Norse (or Old Norwegian), which was the language of the Vikings.
Markus Dahlslett's work now represents the first Norwegian-produced film in this new wave of cinematic Vikings. With limited funding, 70 good assistants, lots of hard work and thorough research, he made the short film "Trace" (34 min). The film is part of Dahlslett's master's thesis, Et spor av fortiden ("A trace of the past") in the Department of Art and Media Studies at NTNU.