Guitar Clinic

Ivar Bjørnson was once voted Extreme Metal's 20th best guitarist by a publication (he likes to mention that), but is not necessarily known for being a shredder (don't mention that to him). Having been the composer and guitarist for Enslaved for 25 years, as well as writing for and handling the axe in Skuggsjaa, BardSpec, Trinacria and more; he can easily be described as a guitar pioneer and innovator of several unique styles of Metal and beyond.

The traditional "clinic" is replaced by Ivar's wish to host more of a workshop: going through his story as a guitarist and songwriter.

From making "Heimdallr" and "Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor" in his room aged 14, the "Frost" classics only the year after, the experimental/ proggy edge on "Below the Lights", and through to the present work from "In Times" and with Skuggsjaa.

A true workshop also includes questions and comments from those attending, as well as requests for specific riffs - which Ivar cannot remember exactly how they went.