In the period between around 600 - 900 CE, no less than nine major burial mounds were built at Borre. In addition there are three large stone mounds, contributing to the majestic character of the area. This is the most concentrated collection of major burial mounds in Northern Europe.

Only one of the mounds has been excavated, in 1852. Among other things they discovered the remnants of a Viking ship - the first such find in the world! The Borre find has most likely not been any less than those of the ship graves at Tune and Gokstad, but due to the unskilful excavation much was lost.

We also know Borre from historical sources. The great saga-writer Snorri Sturlason claims that a mythical lineage - the Ynglinga-lineage - is buried here. They are said to have been descendants of the god Frey and the jotun woman Gerd, and include Norway's first king.

In 2007 archaeologists found the remnants of great halls in the area, solidifying Borre's position as a center of power in the Viking age.

The park has a magical atmosphere, and is well worth a visit. During Midgardsblot you can join guided tours of the area, learning more about its history and secrets.