At Midgard you can currently explore three different exhibitions.


In the first of the two side rooms you can see artefacts found at Borre, mainly during the excavation of the Ship-mound in 1852. This excavation was the first in the world where remnants of a Viking ship were found, hence the name of the mound. It was located on the field just below Midgard, close to the path down to the park. Note the twisted swords in the exhibition: The Vikings believed swords could have magical properties, and the theory is that by bending the sword, they believed the sword's power was destroyed.


The second room depicts Viking burial customs, illustrated by discoveries made during recent excavations at Gulli in Vestfold. You can study examples of different burial customs and items that were put in the graves along with the buried.


In the main hall and third room you can see the newest exhibition: Yatvings, the Forgotten Warriors. This exhibition describes a long gone tribe of warriors in what is today's Poland, which current research links to Norse culture. The Norsemen were active traders, and their eastern routes extended their influence all the way to Constantinople and beyond.

The magnificent harness mount from the Borre find can also be seen in the main hall, as well as a comb from the Oseberg find (yes, the Vikings were very vain).