VICKY MIKALSEN:Roots, bloody roots. A Viking heritage to share

13.30 - 14.30 SATURDAY
Vicky Mikalsen is a member of the Midgardsblot board, as well as the festivalís adviser on how to adapt Nordic history for a festival audience, whether the target group is adults, pupils or kids. She has an academic background from the University of Oslo, Reykjavik and Cambridge, with an MA in interdisciplinary Viking studies. She has worked at a number of museums, and is currently World Heritage Coordinator for the UNESCO-listed Rjukan-Notodden Industrial heritage site in Telemark. She has been a Metalhead since age 12.

Vicky Mikalsen explores how the ground has been paved for a festival like Midgardsblot. She is giving some examples of Viking age adaptions throughout the centuries, as well as trying to find out what's up with Vikings and metal. Finally, she reflects on how Midgardsblot has become a storytelling community, where history is not only told by victors or academics, but by everyone who recreates it in different forms or experiences it somehow. The bloody roots of our Viking heritage is enjoyed by an international, multicultural audience, and has shown a relevance way past our Nordic shores.



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