13.30 - 14.30 THURSDAY
Metal Yoga
Instructor Saskia Thode takes spirituality and the worship of metal to a different level. Be prepared to tap into the dark side, to scream, beat, sweat, and do anything you need to do to unleash your inner beast. Listen to your favorite blasting metal tunes while letting your body burn with hellish heat. Move and breathe while listening to your beloved bands. We will be holding poses until we feel their deep fire creep into our bodies until we rest like the dead in Corpse Pose in the end of the class. All levels are welcome and especially the ones who never dared to try yoga.
11.00 - 12.00 EVERY DAY
Morning Meditation
Every day during the festival at 11:00 in the Borre Park, you can take part in a morning meditation, led by Saskia Thode from Metal Yoga Bones. Meet up by the main entrance of the park.
As we settle into a comfortable position close to the earth, we will let the surrounding nature, the old lingering spirits, and strong energy of the sea, guide us into our own spiritual journey. We will root down deeply to free our mind and spirit. All four elements and the power that lies within will take us on our journeys as far from ourselves as you can imagine, but as close and deep within ourselves as you have never dreamed of. Find stillness and clarity. Find stability and strength. Find quietness to get ready for the music to take over.



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