Terje Gansum

Halls, mounds and ships at Borre - new archaeological methods unveils a new understanding

Terje Gansum has a phd in archaeology, has been the director of Midgard vikingsenter, and is now head of the department of Cultural heritage management at Vestfold County Council.

Gansum will introduce us to the use of  geophysical and non-invasive archaeological methods and show us how new and spectacular archaeological finds have strengthened the view of Borre as  a central place in Scandinavia during the Late Iron Age.

In 2007 and 2013 three large  hall buildings were discovered at Borre close to the monumental grave mounds, and the view of Borre as mainly a grave monument were shifted. Hall buildings are usually connected to the exertion of power and cultic activities of the Iron Age elite all over Scandinavia, and the preliminary results from the halls of Borre shows that they are of similar character as hall buildings found in Lejre and Uppsala.

In March 2019 Vestfold County, together with our partners  LBI Archpro and NIKU, announced the news that a second Viking ship was located at Borre. This unique discovery underlines the importance of Borre in Late Iron Age Scandinavia. In this talk you will get the results of 15 years of archaeological geophysical prospections and how the new ship discovery fits into the picture.

Saturday 17th August 12:15 – 13:15
Large Auditorium @ Midgard Viking Center



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