Jonas Lorentzen and Naina Eira

MATR, A journey through New Nordic Historic food tasting

The celebrated chef and the wolf-singer of Heilung, Jonas Lorentzen & philosopher and entrepreneur, Naina Gupta, will take you on a lecture based interactive 3-course food tasting story- scape. We will explore through our senses, how to integrate Viking cuisine, Midgård’s history, mythology & nature philosophy within the contemporary world.

London based MATR, co-founded by Naina & Jonas, is a New Nordic Historic Food experience company. Featured on BBC for their original concept, their pop-up dining events have been rated across multiple channels as one of London’s finest dining experiences.

Get his exclusive experience at Midgardsblot for only NOK 375,- 27 tickets avaliable only!
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Friday 16th August 15:00–16:30
Large Auditorium @ Midgard Viking Center



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