Ásatrú, Reinventing Old Norse Religion

Joshua Rood is a PHD Candidate at the University of Iceland, specializing in Old Nordic religions, the history of religion, and of the modern religious uses of Old Nordic Religion such as Ásatrú and neo- Heathenism. The coming year he will be at the Midgard Vikingsenter in Borre as he conducts research in Norway. He is also actively involved in Ásatrú and is the front man of the black metal band Nexion.

In recent years, Old Norse Religion has made a surging comeback, particularly as a revived, modern religion, often called Ásatrú. But what exactly is Ásatrú? How does it relate to the Old Norse Religion that it is inspired by? How does it actually inform the lives of the people who practice it?

Joshua Rood attempts to answer these questions. He will guide us through the confusing history of the resurgence of the Old Gods´ new religion, and demonstrate some of the ways in which they have come to have power in the modern world. As we ask ourselves what role religion has in mankind´s future, perhaps the Aesir´s stubborn insistence to continue to be worshiped can provide us with the most surprising answers.

Friday 16th August 12:15–13:15
Large Auditorium @ Midgard Viking Center



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