Einar Selvik & Ivar Bjørnson

Truth in history, and seeing the big picture through the small places: how “Skuggsjá” and “Hugsjá” came into being

The dynamic duo par excellence have been working together since performing their commissioned piece at Eidsivablot 2014 – the de facto start of Midgardsblot. From Einar’s Wardruna and Ivar’s Enslaved, they bring a wide range of musicality, instrumentation and not least thoughts and insight into their common band “Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik”. From «Skuggsjá»’s critical look at Norway’s constitution and a national identity built on crumbling pillars of dubious historical facts; to “Hugsjá”’s toned down look at the mega-questions of how a nation is build and how nature builds it’s personality – and through it all the cosmic sizes of circular thinking and the Norse esoteric heritage.

Thursday 15th August 13:00–14:00
Large Auditorium @ Midgard Viking Center



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