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In the period between around 600 - 900 CE, no less than nine major burial mounds were built at Borre. In addition there are three large stone mounds, contributing to the majestic character of the area. This is the most concentrated collection of major burial mounds in Northern Europe. Only one of the mounds has been excavated, in 1852. Among other things they discovered the remnants of a Viking ship - the first such find in the world! The Borre find has most likely not been any less than those of the ship graves at Tune and Gokstad, but due to the unskilful excavation much was lost. We also know Borre from historical sources. The great saga-writer Snorri Sturlason claims that a mythical lineage - the Ynglinga-lineage - is buried here. They are said to have been descendants of the god Frey and the jotun woman Gerd, and include Norway's first king. In 2007 archaeologists found the remnants of great halls in the area, solidifying Borre's position as a center of power in the Viking age.
The park has a magical atmosphere, and is well worth a visit. During Midgardsblot you can join guided tours of the area, learning more about its history and secrets.


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Vikings at War
The exhibition Vikings at War is based on a book by the same name, written by historian Kim Hjardar and archaeological conservator Vegard Vike, published in the autumn of 2011. The book attempts to bring to light the basis of the Vikings' warrior culture, and offers an insight into its historical development, the reasons behind and conditions allowing for the raids, conquests and other military campaigns, which sprung from Scandinavia in this period.
Entombed - Viking burial customs at Gulli
In this exhibition we present weapons, jewellery, horse equipment and other artefacts from the Viking burial site at Gulli, right outside Tønsberg. This burial site was excavated by archaeologists in connection with the construction of a new motorway through Vestfold, in the period from 2003 to 2004. Among the graves were three chamber graves and eight boat graves, and if we go by the grave goods, the people who were buried here would have been fairly wealthy. Amongst the horse equipment found was a horse collar very similar to that excavated in the Ship Mound at Borre. This could point to a special connection between these two places.
Borre in Viken, Borre in the World
'Borre in Viken, Borre in the World' is an exhibition of artefacts found in and around the Borre Park. The Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo has lent us about 40 items from Viking times; spear heads, swords, stirrups, beads of rock crystals, axe, spinning wheel, ship rivets, silver fragments and bronze fittings, as well as a magnificent gilded harness fitting. The majority of the artefacts exhibited stem from the Ship Mound, which was excavated in 1852.



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