HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts

Saturday 17th
11:00: sword & buckler tournament and eliminations, finished 12:15
12:30: Longsword tournament and  eliminations, finished  13:45
14:30 Finals, finished 15:00 HEMA is a Modern sport, based on Historical techniques.

Dilligent research and hands on experimentation based on handbooks on the art of combat that have survived down through the ages has led the way to a new community that strive to rekindle the European fighting arts.

Fekteklubben Frie Duellister is the major club in Norway and they will have a tournament in connection with Midgardsblot, showcasing a bit of Medieval Steel.

Participating will be all from rank beginners to Norway’s top fighters in their discipline, under the idea that everyone should have fun with weapons.

Two tournaments will be held: One on the combination of Sword and Buckler - a small hand held shield, and another dedicated to the longsword - wielded in two hands.

Rules are simple, as they try to simulate a fight with weapons they will fight until a proper cut, thrust, or throw is achieved. The fighters are then separated and points given by the referee, one point for lesser targets, two for major. - This constitutes one exhcange.

Fights will go to one of the fighters reach 6 points, which can be achieved in four exchanges. PINGVINBLOT:

The Norwegian historical fencing club -Frie Duellister - would like to invite you to join - Pingvinblot - a tournament of Longsword and Sword & Buckler at the historical grounds of Borre during Midgardsblot. It will be low key and informal but you must bring your own full kit to join - weapons can be borrowed.

"Low key event, High level fencing " with so far confirmed Longsword and Sword and Buckler.



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