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Gaahls Wyrd!

There is no doubt that Gaahl is one of Norways biggest Black Metal icons, having brought to life the music of Trelldom, Gorgoroth and Wardruna, to mention some. After God Seeds final show in 2015 Gaahl announced his new band, Gaahls Wyrd. Which went on to play their first live show at the Blekkmetal festival in Norway.
Bringing with him the talented musicians Lust Kilman(Sahg,The Batallion,Grimfist),Sir(God Seed, Trelldom,Nidingr),Frode Kilvik(Gravdal,Krakow,Aeternus) and Baard Kolstad(Borknagar,Leprous,ICS Vortex) we are really looking forward to seeing Gaahls Wyrd unfold at Midgardsblot 2017!