Running Order:
Whip was started in BrÝnnÝysund in 1998 by Jonny and Sturt:, out of a desire to play punk inspired metal, like late 90ís Impaled Nazarene, Gehennah and Driller Killer. They recorded one demo and moved to Oslo, recorded another one, and went into hibernation. From 2005 and onwards, Whip grew through several member changes into a solid live band. Between 2005 and 2009 the band released a demo, two epís and a promo. In 2013 the first full-length album, "Digitus Impudicus", was released. It showcased a ferocious mix of black, death, grind and doom-influences. This was followed in 2016 with the EP Repulsion And Disorder, revealing an even angrier sound. They are now about to release their second album, "Contra Mundum". It will be at least five times heavier thanuranium.