Running Order:
Jørn øyhus and Nash Rothanburg started Byrdi in late 2012. Due to the need to focus on other aspects in life he left Byrdi, and in came Andreas Paulsen. Now he is stepping down due to personal reasons and Jørn is coming back. The circle is closed, all hail the circle. Ragnarok is not the end of existence. Ragnarok is the beginning of something new. We try to bring the wisdom learnt from the our lives' experiences and into the path that lays ahead. Our new album "Byrjing" portraits the beginning asthe end. It is a story about a journey from something old to something alive and growing. The old needs to be buried, but not forgotten. It is what once was that will make sure it never is again. Keep the wisdom learned close so you, and do not falter again. And enjoy life.

"We are stoked about returning to Midgardsblot. The good vibes, the fantastic people and the professional staff makes us anxious to play for you guys again. We will play something from all our three albums. Looking forward seeing you there"



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