- by silje on 2017-08-29 10:55:49
Early bird tickets sold out in under a week

Dear all the 200 early birds sold out in under a week, last year it took us 2 months to sell those 200 earlybirds and we even had to put out more. Midgardsblot is growing but we don't want to grow to big to fast and we got a very limited capacity. Therefore we will not put out more early birds for 2018. We have put out 500 of the 3 days passes which also includes the Thursday Blot ceremony- we don't sell day tickets to Thursday so you'll need the 3 days passes to join. We also put out the weekend passes for sale. First band announcements will come late september, early October - counting the days to se you all again in Borre next year

- Runa -
Head of Festival